Saturday, September 7, 2013

Amanda Hocking Inspiring Many

Throughout my life I have come across some really influential writers, to name a few there is Diana Wynne Jones, Megan Whalen Turner, JK Rowling (HP Series), Paul Zindel, and a select few others. These writers helped me to understand that I wanted to be a writer myself. Although I didn't grow up writing stories or anything like that, I was always an avid reader and journal writer. In my youth I even dabbled in writing poetry, which I thought at the time was pure genius. With time, I believe that I will finally bridge the gap between none writer, to writer, but before then I perfect my craft and wait for the day my work is ready for publication. 

Now this brings me to another note. I have thought about it for some time and I believe the best route for me would be e-books. It is now becoming common for writers to enjoy the fruits of being published while actually making a living off their e-books. This may not be the most popular thing at this moment, but it is becoming more and more common. Now, instead of the great writers of my youth, one of my inspirations is Amanda Hocking. Admittedly I have only read one of her books Hollowland which is a series about zombies. For me, it was not my cup of tea, but I could certainly see the diamond within the rough in her work. I actually bought the book so that I could study her writing style but the more that I read it, the more it really didn't appeal to me. Also reading Amanda's book allowed me to see that great writing isn't always what sells books. It is often times characters or a really good plot. When you believe in your story, you are your first reader. Write your book for yourself first and for your readers second. 

What really made me become inspired by Amanda Hocking was her drive to succeed. Her success of course was being published. Not making money, but having her work out there even if it meant only via e-books. She finally started to believe in herself and in her writing and despite all her negative thought ad the rejection letters from publishers, Amanda made up her mind to do the only thing she had left to do. That was to write, and write some more.


Another thing that I loved about Amanda was the fact that she didn't just write, she wrote hard. She would spend on average 8-10 hours writing. She was often fueled with trash food like sweet tarts and red bull a diabetic shock waiting to happen, but she understood her limits and knew that she had to work hard to get her writing down on the computer screen and out of her head. She also was a hard working in other respects, holding down a job as a care taker at a senior citizen facility. So she would work for 8-9 hours, write for 8-10, sleep and do it all again. For me more than anything her work ethic has inspired me, in a way that other writers never could. I remember trying to understand the craft and how my favorite writers wrote, yet I could never really understand what they meant by just write. Amanda Hocking finally drove the concept down my brain a wooden spike of knowledge. Writing was her job, and in essence she worked 2 jobs. That is exactly what it took for her to become the writer that she is today. 

Amanda Hocking made me realize that writing isn't some fluffy, pixie magic that just descends upon the select few who have the mark of a writer. It is hard work and dedication, a constant pursuit of being better than you were the day or night before. Beating your best, and becoming better and of course never giving up. If you really want to write, then you can never even think about giving up.

For those who might think wow 8-12 hours of non-stop writing, that's a beast I can't possibly do that. Just know that Amanda Hocking had days where she didn't write. Where she only wanted to veg out and watch TV or read. There were moments, where she knew that she should be writing, but she just didn't write anything, but she always came back to it. 

Anyways, I hope I didn't make Amanda look as if she wasn't a master of her craft, because the truth is she is a BOSS.   
Her book Hollowland she wrote in 20-25 days, I don't have the exact quote, but Amanda Hocking is that prolific. Her novel stories and drive to complete her work makes her someone I can really look up to. I hope this will help others who are looking to understand what it takes to become a writer, or someone who just loves a good author and book. 
Here is her blog, which is really down to earth, especially pre-millionaire:

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