Friday, August 23, 2013

My first post

Hi everyone my name is KC Estime, and I am making this blog so that I can do book reviews and possibly promote a book I am working on. So perhaps I should go into some history about myself. Aside from the not so good things like always being a procrastinator and forgetting things a lot, I would say a am a fairly good reader and writer. I have always known this about myself. Now while everyone was deciding what they wanted to be for a living, thing such as business person, doctor, dentist, engineer and the like. I would just sit around going through the motions, while not really know what the hell I would ever do with my life. The funny thing is I knew I always wanted to write. The first time I fell in love with reading, I would take a pen and paper and write to all my beloved favorite authors such as Diana Wynne Jones, JK Rowling and Megan Whalen Turner and bemoan to them about my love of their work and my desire to write. Fortunately two out of the 3 wrote me back (guess who? :p). This further enriched in my soul the love of reading and the need to eventually become a writer. Now we have all heard of the term that life happens, and I of course was no exception to the rule. After going to college I had a change of heart. I needed a real job, I told myself. It didn't help that I lost my love of reading after working at a library for a couple of years. Due to the stress of working part time and going to school I felt I really couldn't read books, I had no time for them. Don't forget the part about procrastination and a dollop of forgetfulness commonly know as ADHD (I'm inattentive). So, I opted for the brilliant plan of becoming a computer scientist, mostly because I thought it was cool. Well, I was wrong. After having a ton of math and science courses, mind you ADHD doesn't grow on trees it grows on me though, so you can bet I never was prepared for all those hard courses. I dropped the major and ran into the loving arms of my beloved humanity English. So here I am at 26, still afraid that I won't be able to make a living off of English. I don't believe that for everyone, but I am not fit to being a teacher. So, I am, in my eyes of course, left with one option which is to become a prolific writer.
That, is the history of me. So, I guess the short of it is I will be writing about the books that I read, and talking about the process of my writing. Perhaps even some fun field trips to the book stores of Florida; no really that would be fun!

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